Ya’ll know that I crave going to the farmers market on Saturday morning. Well this past Saturday was like no other Saturday when I’m around town. I decided I wanted to write a guest blog for someone (I will let you know when and where!) and I  wanted to cook up a fancy schmancy dinner. I left the market with…

purple basil

the best bread on earth…

It’s Oatmeal Sunflower Seed Bread from Guy’s Eco-Garden. I have no idea what they put in this bread. But it is to die for! Hence the following photo

Um.. this is what happens… yeah not good. This photo was taken approximately  48 hours after it was purchased. All the damage done my ME! Must learn to purchase things in smaller quantities, or put half in the freezer :0)

and picked up some apples

It was a great day at the market. It was then time to meet up with Hemmingway!

Hemmingway lives at Written Words! He is learning to ‘talk’ and it’s quite funny! The ladies had a pumpkin class so he was cheering them on!

More pumpkin patch photos!

Ok. Here is the real pumpkin patch! Looks pretty similar to me!

It was a great afternoon! I got to hang out with this guy!

Hehe. (After going to see The Social Network.. I think keeping some things private from a blog is a good thing!)

We then hit up the apple orchard too!

Beardsley’s Cider Mill and Orchard is awesome.

You can watch them make the cider.

Lots of  apples to pick from.

and FRESH cider donuts! Yummo!

What a perfect afternoon!

I must admit one thing. I stuffed my face every chance I got this weekend. I haven’t been  around kids in a few months (crazy I know) and I completely saw a change in my eating habits. Mike saw so many yummy things at the pumpkin patch and apple orchard alone. He asked nicely if he could get the cookie or cider or donut or Chinese food, I couldn’t say no and I would always ask for a bite. The bites added up fast! To fast for my liking. I now understand how hard it is for Mom’s out there to eat healthy. Yes I know, the kids should be eating healthy too! And if I had my own kids, some of the yes’s would have been no’s!  But come on, how do you pass up hot cider donuts!

Back to my fancy schmancy dinner preview!

Ohhhh and there is so much more!

But first some knock-out  and BL action 🙂 In hopes of out weighing the bread intake!