My new addiction is coupons. A few weeks ago I couldn’t sleep and was cleaning out old junk email. I came across a link to I knew it was for a coupon book, we have gotten them before, a long time ago but never fully used them! I decided to plug my credit card number in and wait for my book to be delivered. I received it in the mail a few days later and I have been addicted ever since.

No matter where I’m going or what I’m doing I always ask myself if there is a coupon for that.

Friday night I knew there were a few purchases that I had to make. Sneakers and a new book club book! I was very excited. First off was Dicks Sporting Goods! I flipped through the pages and landed on a coupon for $15 off $75. I have been doing research on new sneakers and new that they would be at least that  much. In fact, I had my sneakers already picked out!

$85 down to $65! (There were other sales too) Not bad right!

We were then hungry and I saw a coupon for Johnny Rockets. I know.. nothing healthy there… but once in a while!

$12 for 2 complete dinners! Oh and it was the 1st time I ate a burger since February. Don’t watch Food Inc, if you want to eat meat on a regular basics.

I was then bound and determined to find Freedom by Jonathan Franzen, for this new book club I’m attempting to be part of. I received a coupon via e-mail for 40% at Borders earlier in the day. So I printed it out and brought it with me!

$16.80 for a $28 book! Not to shabby! (Side note: the book is 532-ish pages long. I haven’t read a book in months. This should be interesting!)

Moral of the story = Don’t write coupons off. Sometimes they’re worth it, sometimes they aren’t! Search for what YOUR looking for. Don’t let coupons dictate what you purchase. With 3 simple coupons I was able to save $30+ dollars!

Don’t forget to search online too! Many times there are coupon codes floating on the web, you could get free shipping or a % off! Doesn’t hurt to look!

Hope this was helpful!

Lots of planning for tonight’s dinner! I decided to guest blog, so this HAS to be great!

 Thinking I might use some of these


and these 🙂

A few more hours hanging with Mike.. then it’s off to create!

Don’t forget your coupons !!!