Happy October! Can you believe it? Crazy.. huh? I’m excited for October. I feel like I’ve been planning October out since April. I probably have wasted a few hours planning October out, so cheers for it finally being here!

I think the flowers are watered, the grass isn’t thirsty anymore and the reservoir is looking a bit more full… so… with that being said… I think the rain can stop for a few days! Rain just does something to the human body. A smile can turn into a frown so quickly on a rainy day. The couch looks so much more cozy and comfy on a rainy day. Marconi and cheese, BLT’s and yummy creamy soups taste so much better on a rainy day! We all need rainy days.. but I’m ready for some sun! Who is with me?

Last night I ventured back to my original fitness love = YOGA. I went to a class at the gym. You didn’t have to register so I was unsure as to how many people would be crammed into the fitness studio. I walked in and I had JUMP over people to get to a clear space. I was already dreading the next 1 hours and 15 minutes. I was on the complete opposite side of the exit door, so there was NO escaping! I sat and stretched, did the deep breathing, went into downward dog, lotus tree.. you name it I did it! I used to LOVE yoga. However, last night I could not get ZUMBA out of my head. I kept thinking.. this is boring.. I need so crazy music..  I want to dance not lay on the floor stretching out! Needless to say, I completed the entire class. In the end I enjoyed it.. BUT.. I really miss ZUMBA. I will attempt yoga on a different day in a different class and see if I get a better vibe!

Dreaming of the Summer 2010 Zumba Party!

Oh… how I miss these Zumba days! Soon ladies.. I will be back 🙂

What is your favorite fitness activity?