Ahh. Happy Wednesday. Wednesdays are normally killer days. I’m in class for 6 hours straight. Who’s idea was it to go back to school anyway? It’s all good though. I’m learning a lot! I got out early and thought I would love to attempt to make it to a 5:30 kickboxing class. Well that was a no go.. so Liz and I drove around and found a BRAND NEW path to run!

Who knew Derby Greenway Trail was so close to my new home! I’m very excited we found this tonight. Also a bit mad I found it sooo late. Not looking forward to darkness at 5:30pm! Ahhh. Oh Well.

So peaceful. I felt like I was going to DIE  at this point. But still.. Oh So Peaceful 🙂

The rest of my pictures looked like this

Lesson of the night = SLOW DOWN WHEN TAKING A PHOTO (or put a different setting on!)

There will be NO Road Closed signs for this girl! I’m on my way. There is no holding me back now!

Is there something that you have always wanted to do, but just didn’t?!?! Maybe you couldn’t find time, or couldn’t find a friend to do it with or many $ was tight, or there was some other excuse that was conjured up?!?! Well. Now is the time to do it! I have longed to find the path above for a few months. Across the river from this path there is a smaller path, .5 miles around, I walk with Remi there all the time. I have watched people run this path, which I now know is called Greenway Trail. I have longed to run it too. I thought.. yeah right.. you run on a path. You’ll get run over. Well, tonight was the night. I didn’t run the whole thing. But I made a good dent in it! Make a good dent in something that you have always wanted to do! Just do it! Don’t let excuses hold you back!

A Bj’s run was in store shortly after our 3.44 mile walk/run! We got some interesting looks as 2 sweaty girls were roaming the isles! BUT. Look what is finally out!

Did you know you can only get canned pumpkin this time of year? I know.. total bummer! I’m totally stocking up with many cans before they are gone. Let’s see how long 3 huge cans lasts for this single girl! I’m soo excited.. I can picture recipes already. Pumpkin cookies, pies, breads, oats.. yes.. oats. They are actually in the fridge as I write and you read:)

What are you going to make a dent in today?