Our good friend Ryan decided that we needed a Newport Family day! When I lived in Newport we would get together for Sunday Family dinners and random nights of pure fun! I miss that. Ryan thought Sunday was the perfect day to be together. It was amazing I was actually in town for one of these ‘family’ days! He had everything planned out to a T! What a guy:)

(WARNING: This post might be very photo heavy. The girls brought there amazing cameras and it is very hard to pick just a few photos. Enjoy!)

It all started at Tiverton Four Corners! Our first stop was Milk and Honey Bazaar.

Milk & Honey Bazaar is an artisanal cheese and specialty foods market located in historic Tiverton Four Corners, RI. We carry over 100 varieties of cheese and we add new items every week. Visitors are encouraged to sample our cheese selection, as this is the best way to find your ideal cheeses!

Yummy Cheeses.

They have a spread that you can taste. We had a lot of fun! My favorite was the sage, so I had to pick some up for the beach part of our adventure. Have you tasted sage cheese before? It’s really good. If you ever get the chance to taste new and interesting cheeses go for it! What do you have to lose?

Fresh Bread – Check!

Sage Cheese – Check!

Good Friends – Check!

What a yummy stop!

Next up was Roseberry-Winn Pottery and Tile!

We meld function and beauty in a stylish process that is straightforward and uncomplicated, but not mundane. Our objects appeal to those who see and celebrate beauty in everyday life. Each piece engages the beholder with rich color and evocative pattern. Purpose is fundamentally important: teapots pour; cups are comfortable to drink from and hold; use and beauty are in equal partnership.

I could have done some serious damage in here. But I remained cool, calm and collective. Walked around, got some ideas and walked out! Until next time!

Snack time was held at the Provender, Inc. The Provender is a local deli with great sandwiches, cookies and special old-fashioned sodas. It definitely had a special, old worldly feel. The perfect place for a Sunday afternoon snack!

Guess who the odd man out was?

Yup. It was me. Sparkling lemonade and a ginger oatmeal cookie.. pure perfection 🙂

Kind of looks like it’s from a magazine!

What a great place. Can’t believe I lived in RI for nearly 9 years and have never ventured over to Tiverton. Total bummer on my part! But so glad I had the chance to explore yesterday! Time to go on the next leg of the adventure!

Sakonnet  Vineyards – Little Compton, RI

Finally tasted a vine grape!

Hmmmm. A bath tub full of wine!

Just being plain silly.

Next stop on our Ryan Adventure: the beach at Warren’s Point Beach Club in Little Compton.

Sage Cheese and Goat Cheese incrusted in herbs with fresh bread and a glass of wine on the beach 😉

Ryan headed for the stairs…

…and we all soon followed.

Photographer in action!

Do you love the beach? I miss the beach. I was happy I was at the beach Sunday afternoon 🙂

One last special stop… DINNER. We piled into the cars and still had no idea where we were going for dinner. It was Ryan’s secret for all of us!

We pulled up to Stone House. Stone House is a very secluded luxurious  inn and restaurant. In the summer their main restaurant the Pietra is open. However, since it is now off-season (hard to imagine.. where or where did the summer go?!?!?)  we ate at 1854 Tap Room, which is their bar in the basement of the main house.

It was awesome. Dark and cozy, with a fireplace going! I was soo excited that they had Shipyard Pumpkin Ale.

The rim initially had some sort of cinnamon sugar mix… however that didn’t last long!

Dinner was butternut soup and a traditional caesar salad! Both were VERY  delicious.

The night ended with more pumpkin ale around the fire!

Thank you Ryan for planning a wonderful Newport Family Sunday 🙂 and Thank you Heather and Steph for sharing some of your photos!

Do you have special traditions with family or friends?