Hi. Happy Friday!

Lists. I’m a list kind of girl. I have multiple lists going at once. A work list, a home list, a workout list, a music list, a bucket list…. and they keep going and going. My lists grow daily. And you know what? I’m ok with that! I’m never going to have a blank to do list. And why would I want too? I would have NOTHING to do! I’m learning to let go a bit. Focusing on the important things in life and leaving the others behind. I have this fear of having NOTHING to do! I have been in my new apartment since May 15 and there has not been one day where I have stayed home. I’m not entirely sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. I’m going to go with a 50/50 on this one. It’s good to keep busy, but bad to over do it! I’m looking forward to the day I don’t get in my car and drive away. I don’t think that day is in the near future… but I am starting to welcome it with open arms!!!

I found the following list over at Oh She Glows! Angela is just wonderful. I have read her blog for about 8 months now and I have learned so much.

The following are Angela’s words:

If I were to tell my younger self some things I have learned along the way they would be:

  • Accept the total package and not compartments: Honour and love who you are, your personality, your talent, and all your less desirable traits.
  • Repair from within: Losing weight or changing your appearance will not fix the broken relationship with yourself.
  • Get rid of the chip on your shoulder: When you perceive yourself and others as the enemy, your life becomes a battleground. Instead choose love and keep the faith despite the inevitable experiences and people that will hurt you.
  • FORGIVE. Yourself. Others. Often. Move on. Life is short.
  • Cultivate Childhood Passions: Those hobbies you loved as a kid might be clues to your future success. As a child mine were baking, outdoors/nature, health, sports, writing, animals. When I reintroduced these passions into my life I became much happier.
  • This too shall pass. With each year that I age, I am happier. if you are in a hard time, hold on. I used to think my high school days would never end (yes, I got my share of teasing!), but life gets so much better.

Thank You for your kind words. They definitely open my eyes and may me attempt to be a better person!

I will be running/walking in my 1st 5k ever tomorrow morning at 8:30am in Newport RI in the Salve Mansion Run. Yes.. that’s right.. it’s a Newport weekend. I wish I could say I’m better prepared. But I’m not:( It has been one CRAZY week and I have not hit the mileage I would have liked too! I’m bringing my garmin so I can track the miles. I’m hoping if I can judge where I am in the run, I’ll be able to complete in better. But who knows what is really going happen!! Update on the 1st 5K coming soon!

As for now I leave you with these photos

My desk in class on Wednesday! Just loving my markers:)

Check out the cut on the apple! Produced with the Pampered Chef Apple Peeler/Corer/Slicer!

And lastly…. a lovely knitted pumpkin! Knitted by my Mom. If you need/want/must have a pumpkin she has a little pumpkin patch going on in the family room.. LOL.

Enjoy the weekend!