A friend of mine was visiting a few months ago. He has a restaurant.com account so we went on a printing spree! After the weekend was over a  few were left, including a coupon for Downtown at the Taft. My friend, Liz, and I decided Friday night was the perfect time to use the coupon. The Taft had an amazing atmosphere. It was an old hotel renovated into a restaurant and apartments. We have very high hopes this place was going to be amazing! It looked great and I could envision bringing guests here someday!

We were seated upstairs. It was so big and airy. A great shade of red too!

A few from above. Then it was time to order! We decided to split 3 different apps and a pizza!

When we originally order this we were very excited!

Welsh Rarebit (A Yale Tradition)

Cheddar cheese dish topped with bacon & scallions and served hot with toast points. I have never heard of this! It was a Yale Tradition so it HAD  to be good.. right?!?! Wrong! It was awful. Liz and I managed a couple of bits and after each bit we were hoping it was going to taste differently! It tasted like stale beer and cheese, with some stale bread!

We then moved on to potato chips. You can’t mess potato chips up right?!?!?


Sweet Potato Chips

Crispy sweet potato chips with creamy gorgonzola cheese sauce. This would have been AMAZING… but it came out cold! Booo! 2 down 2 to go!

Blue Wedge Salad

Iceberg lettuce, crispy bacon, diced tomato with crumbled blue cheese dressing. This was ok. The dressing tasted like it was just poured out of a bottle. At this point I was ready to bounce. However, we had one more thing to taste. A Pesto Pizza!

The Pesto

Pesto, fresh tomato, roasted vegetables and mozzarella. I was eyeing the brick oven as I walked in so I knew this had to be a winner. And it was! It was good. Nothing to write home about. Liz and I devoured this!

Overall, I don’t think I will be heading to this restaurant anytime soon. I have also come to the realization that restaurant.com may be good. However, you have to do your homework 100%. A lot of the restaurants are on there due to the lack of customers. They are trying to prompt their business. While some of these restaurants maybe new and don’t have a big following yet, some don’t have a following for a reason. If you decided to use this site, do you homework, check the reviews see what people have to say before you’re sitting there and some gross cheese dish is presented to you! Now I must say, we might have hit this place on the wrong night, which happens too sometimes. After tonight, I think I will stick to places I know for a while!

After dinner we walked around New Haven a bit. The more I’m there, the more I love it!

How cool would it be to live here?!?!  One of the many Yale dorms!

While walking around downtown, I got a huge urge for an espresso martini from the 5th! Well, 2 things first, one, the 5th WAS located in Newport RI AND two, they have been closed for over a year! So I was determined to find a similar drink in my new favorite city. And look with I found!

Martini de café espresso

Van Gogh Espresso vodka, Kahlua, espresso coffee

Perfection! We ended up bumping into Pacifico! With a little Latino inspiration, this place looked amazing and smelled great too! I will definitely be trying this place next!

What a wonderful ending to a CRAZY week :0)