I originally started this blog to be considered and listed under different HEALTHY LIVING blogrolls. Well read no further if that is what you’re looking for.  This post basically goes against that title in every way! So are you ready?!?!?.. HERE. WE. GO.

A few weeks ago I was visiting friends in Newport and we came up with the grand idea of going to see Jason Mraz on a Monday night. Not quite sure who we thought we were, but we were determined to make it happen. All week long leading up to the concert I was feeling guilty and not quite sure what I was doing. Oh. I failed to mention the concert was in Utica NY, about 4 hours away from were I live. Which in turn meant I needed to take a half day Monday AND Tuesday! I already paid for the tickets and miss my NPT friends so much I was willing to deal with the consequences of going! So I went! Can’t start a road trip off without a Mickey D’s vanilla milkshake. Non-Healthy Living choice #1!

We enjoyed catching up on our lives with each other! I used to be with these girls on a daily basis. Add in a few weeks apart and there is A LOT to catch up on 🙂

The new and the old!

I even brought along my sweater I’m knitting! Started this back in February.. hoping to finish before the 1st snowfall. I had 3.. yes.. you read that correctly… 3+ hours one way of sitting in a car knitting, chatting, looking through photos, listening to Jason Mraz and watching the AMAZING scenery! That right there was a bit of heaven! Thank you Steph for driving.. You are the best;)

Heather and Steph made sure to bring along some wine! Heather was itching the whole way to pop a cork!

Pit stop.. check out that awesome red barn behind us! It was a picture perfect postcard across the street from the rest stop! Pure country! Pure bliss 🙂

The concert was held at Stanley Theatre in Utica NY. It recently re-open in April of 2008 after going through extensive renovations. It was breath-taking inside. I could not stop taking photos!



Love them! XOXOXO

Don’t ever let your mind stop you from having a good time! – Jason Mraz

What a concert! It was the 1st of the season for me. The summer season, that is officially ending in 6 days or so. Boy was I missing out! Jason is amazing! He music is incredible. We all agreed across the board that his music is better live then pre-record! I love that he uses his position in society to work for the good. He mentioned different organizations in which is helps, Water Conservation, Slaves in Africa (watch Jason open up about his trip to Ghana earlier this summer) and just being a well-rounded environmentalist. He brought his tin water bottles on stage and made sure to mention that part of his stage was made up from 15,000 or so recycled water bottles. He also invited a fan to come up on stage and dance with him for a song because she was taking their compost from the Utica stop home with her! First of all, who tweets to find someone to take their compost, and second who agrees to do it?!?! All is well in the world when the compost lands in the right spot! Overall it was fascinating to learn about such an amazing person!

Heather and I decided we wanted to get a closer photo. So we walked down the aisle right toward the stage! We went down during the last song, with about 5 minutes left Jason motioned for the people standing in front to come on stage and dance for the last few minutes. Um. So Heather and I jumped at the opportunity!

View from the stage. It was total craziness! Dancing and singing with Jason and his band. It was sooo great that he included his fans throughout the show! This is a concert I will NEVER forget 🙂

Non-Healthy Living Choice #1,345 of the day! We ended up in this sketchy 24 hour grocery store. I COULD NOT resist the urge to buy these sun chips.. mostly because the bag was 100% compostable! (Didn’t even know that was a real word.) And I thought it fit nicely with the theme of the night!

Oh. Here is #1,346! (I left quite a few BAD choices out!) However, this pizza was amazing after a wonderful night with Jason and the girls 🙂

Kind of felt like a high schooler.. but we just NEEDED Jason Mraz t-shirts! You know… to keep this trip a recent memory.. because the 595 photos wouldn’t have done the trick!!

Until our next road trip 🙂