Who says you can’t eat ALL day long? Well today I did just that! And although I’m not proud of it.. it was a really tasty day 😉 I didn’t photograph 100% of what I ate.. but I got the good stuff!

It started with an apple sandwich.

Two slices of apples with chocolate peanut butter in the middle! A few weeks ago I was at Whole Foods in NYC. They have a peanut butter bar there! In a nutshell… you basically grind your own peanuts that blend into butter! It was really fun!

It was then Farmer Market time! Every Saturday there is a Farmer’s Market right down the street from me. If I’m around town, I always try to go!

Remi wanted NOTHING to do with the camera! Not sure when he decided he was going to be camera-shy!

These were my purchases this weekend. Yummy golden pears and pear tomatoes!! Guess I was in the ‘pear’ kind of mood! I’m already thinking of a fun meal to include this in!

After looking at all that food… I wanted more! At the town apple festival was where it had to be! See next post!