We were out running errands and ran right to stumbled upon our favorite soup and sandwich place Soup Thyme! This place is a real treat, as it clear across town! These days driving across town could be considered a luxury! I love my busy crazy life, but I do miss the mundane, quite, still, calming days of my old life! Everything in moderation 😉

Back to lunch! I got half panini and half soup. This place has the BEST soup out there. You know you can get good food many places.. but it’s finding the GREAT food that counts 🙂

Half Roasted Butternut Squash and Half Thyme Change

They name all the sandwiches beginning with Thyme. Thyme Bomb, Thyme Traveler, Thyme Machine, Thyme Saver, Thyme Line and so on… You get it right?!?! Well the Thyme Change is Turkey, Colby cheese, sliced apples with honey mustard. It was pretty yummy! I think I may start putting apples on my sandwiches more often.. it was a great crunch 🙂

Do you ever name your home-cooked creations differently?!?!?