This past weekend my friend  and I ended up in New Haven. We really had no place special in mind to land! We were driving around wondering where to go for dinner and she mentioned Soul de Cuba! I thought ok.. I can do cuban! What a real treat this place was! The restaurant was very cozy and on the small side! This restaurant prepares all their meals using family recipes passed down through the generations. They are mindful of the importance of preservation of culture, tradition and authenticity and it definitely  showed in every aspect!

We didn’t have reservations as this was in impromptu stop! However, we were happily greeted at the door and bellied up walked right up to the bar! We decided we didn’t need a table and the bar was perfect for drinks and dinner! I was craving a nice light crisp beer like. This was my 1st choice. And boy was it a good one 🙂

It was simply perfect! My friend chose a lovely glass of red sangria! Which I tasted and was pretty much amazed!

As an appetizer we chose ceviche!

Ceviche is a mixture of tender shrimp, scallops, and fish cured in citrus juice with chopped mango, red onion, tomato and cilantro. I was a bit reluctant at first. But my friend promised me it was well worth it! And in the end she was 100% correct! It was delightful. Each bite tasted a bit different! My favorite bites included the shrimp, but each bite was equally as good! I wasn’t starving at this point (due to a very late lunch), but I couldn’t resist the veggie empanadas!

The empanadas are lightly fried pastry shells filled with  sautéed veggies! They was sooo good!

Soul de Cuba was an amazing place to spend a great Sunday evening with a great friend catching up on life! I can’t wait to return!

After dinner, we decided it would be a great idea just to walk around for a bit! Being that it was a Sunday and past 8 o’clock everything was close. We did get a chance to mutually decide that we MUST come back soon when everything is open, and explore a bit more!

Kind of reminded me of  the streets of NYC!

Overall, it was a great night :0) I love being adventurous and trying different types of cuisine!

What is your favorite type of cuisine?