What a beautiful weekend 🙂 I love when the seasons are changing. The hot steamy weather of August is becoming a lovely distance memory! The air turns crisp and the sweatshirts are pulled out from hiding! The sun shines strong in a deeply colored blue sky with big marshmallow clouds 🙂 I think I’m in love with Fall! The pumpkins are almost ready for harvesting.. and pumkin-y recipes are turning in my head.. pumpkin pie, pumpkin scones, pumpkin tarts, pumpkin oats.. oh my!

With all this talk of Fall.. I decided it was time to up the aint’ in the scarf department this year! Yesterday my Mom, brother and I ventured up to Connecticut Yarn and Wool.

My mother is what one would call ‘a crazy knitter‘! She would drive hours upon hours in search of a knitting store! Many years ago she found this place from a Knitting Weekend which was held in Provincetown Mass. Luckily for us the store was located in CT!  She has become very friendly with the owner, Carol, so now we make many visits throughout the year:)

I Love this place! The colors are crazy and fun! Everything is hand-dyed by Carol! ANNND all the wool comes from Carol’s sheep 🙂

I’m definitely a girl who loves color! Check out those stitches 😉

There are random sheep throughout the entire shop! I like to think of them as one happy family!

There was a sale on all previously made hand-kit items. This sweater spoke to me! However the following scarf said, ‘take me home’! So I listened 😉

I’m officially ready for the colder weather. BRING. IT. ON.

Ahhh.. the open road! What an exhilarating feeling!