Or in my case.. it was day #2! I only have 2 classes on Wednesdays which I am thankful for! I am learning to appreciate the art of teaching! We all know the teacher basically makes the class! I got to my 1st class on time. Sat down and waited. I chatted with another girl in a situation similar to my own! Graduated a few years ago with a BA and now going back to school! We were talking with another girl and her story was similar to ours! I’m grateful there are others out there in the same boat as I am! It makes it a little less scary 🙂 The main event of my 1st class of the day were MARKERs! I can honestly say I’ve been excited since last week to get my hands on these babies!

(eeek. Small Photos! I left my good camera at home 😦 I’m all new to this blogging ‘stuff’ and learning everyday! Whoops. )

Anyway.. these are the spectacular markers I have been waiting for! Markers beat out an old text-book any day!

Just can’t get enough:)

As for class 2 of the day.. it’s all about:

By the end of the semester I’ll be a pro at Adobe Creative Suite 5 Design Premium. Well as least that is the plan! Right now it’s all about In Design! Great class. Great people. Great teacher!

I’ve off to work on my homework. Go me! I still have a week to do it and I’m working on it now! Don’t worry.. it’s only week 2! By week 10 I’ll be pulling all nighters!