Ok. So this was a race that kind of just happened. A friend of a friend asked if I would be interested in doing the 1 mile walk portion of  Hope for the Warriors road race. ‘The Run For The Warriors® is a unique event dedicated to the men and women wounded in the global war on terror and their families. It is a celebration of their strength and resolve as well as the Welcome Home they never received. By uniting the entire community, military and civilian alike, this event embraces Wounded Warriors and their families in the shared belief that there is hope beyond recovery.’ I thought why not.. it’s only a mile..plus I will get to see what a real race is like and help out a good cause. Long story short.. I had so much fun!

When I got there I had to find the registration booth. I found the booth successfully and scored my 1st road race t-shirt!

I then happened upon these two!

Meet Mike and Jess! Mike even put on his t-shirt.. Go Mike:)

We walked around for a bit, checked out all the different booths, post-massages, water stations, an orange and banana station and a few others we never got to 😦 Luckily we bummed into these two! (We were looking for them the whole time!!)

Meet Keith and Danielle! The ‘real’ runners… look at that they even got numbers!

Mike and I decided it would be a great idea to run this race next year! Hmm… 12 months to train for a 10k. I think that is doable 🙂

Keith and Danielle did awesome! Hopefully in the near future.. I’ll be posting photos of me running to the finish line. For now I leave you with this!

Haha… It can only get better from here… right!?!?!