I now have some crazy looking bedroom colored walls. Let’s say… sunset meets nectarine. Or more simply ORANGE! I woke up this morning in my spare room.. as my bed was full of ‘stuff’ at 11pm last night and there was no way I was going to clean it off! Normally I’m good in the morning. Not great.. but good. I’m not a morning person at all. I try to be. I really want to be.. but there are some things you just can’t change in life. So.. I woke up.. opened my eyes and then happily remembered my room is now a different color. I ran to my freshly painted bedroom and was wonderfully surprised. I LOVE my new room. It still has a coat of paint to go… and by tonight I might even love it a bit more! I left my brightly painted orange room with a huge smile on my face. Now.. I’m wondering if that smile will resurface every morning I wake up and open my eyes to a brightly painted orange room.. or is it because it’s something new! I will keep you posted and I’m hoping it is truly the latter! Perhaps I can become a morning person:)

The perfect sunrise! Newport, RI (My walls now look very similar!)