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Well here goes nothing. It’s a bit scary just starting off and writing a post. I have been following many different blogs for months now and I have always wanted to start my own. I went to WordPress and created the site about a month ago. Everyday I have come back and changed this and changed that, but I have yet to REALLY post something. (I was attempting to thank some very special people this morning for hosting my family  for brunch on Sunday. I wanted to include some photos and became very frustrated that I couldn’t get them to  load. File to big! Boooo. I guess that was my BIG push to get me to where I am right now!)

Newport. I love Newport and everything that is there. The people, the food, the atmosphere, the beaches, the tourists (yes…the tourists), and the beauty that Newport has to offer. This weekend I went back. I had a lot to do, but I managed to get some very special time in with some very special people. Friday night I met, Joan Rivers. Well his real name was ‘Jose something’. And later in the night I met Michael Jackson. Rivers and Jackson were one! Crazy..I know! This was all part of a fundraiser at a school. I’m sad to say I have no photos of this lovely night.  After this amazing event I met Heather out for drinks.


Saturday morning we went to my favorite breakfast place in Newport, The Hungry Monkey. This restaurant has great charm and charisma. A comfy couch with lots of pillows and great food makes this breakfast nook a hit in my book.



Great Place. Great Food. Great Friends. Heather and I split peanut butter, banana and honey stuffed french toast! Amazing!

Then it was time for a lovely walk around town. I love Newport in the Spring. It’s one of my favorite times of the year. There was so much to look at and watch. I must say, Newport has some great beaches. I have been very fortune to live in walking distance for the past 5 years.


Then Liz and Mom arrived for some quality time. We headed to Sweetberry Farms to indulge in some erotic woops…. meant to say exotic… cheeses, crackers, grapes, dips and wine. Everything was yummy! I love Sweetberry. After many hours of sitting, chatting and catching up (after all we didn’t see each other for an entire day..LOL) , we were off to get ready for dinner.



Dinner was crazy good at The Mooring. Located right downtown. I saw the lobster claw on the menu and had to get one. So good. After, Liz and I met up with some great friends Brian and Dave. It was a good time by all. Brought back many memories of summer evenings in Newport. And thoughts of many more to come :0)

Sunday Brunch was delightful. A very big Thank You to Bart and Lisa for hosting my family. Bart made his famous waffles, with bacon, muffins, fruit and whipped cream. We sat outside on the patio and watched the kids play. It was one of the best mornings I’ve had in a while. Thanks again.. Love you guys!!



Here’s to many more wonderful weekends in NEWPORT!


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