Ok. Well here goes nothing! I have been following some in the blog world and it truly fascinates me. I could sit there all day and read the posts that these brilliant people blog about. I have decided to start one of my own. This blog really doesn’t have a main focus at this point. Perhaps over time one will develop. I want to first put out there that I am by no means a writer. I have never been a writer and probably never will be. I flunked out of all my english classes over the years and I’ve accepted that I may never know how to spell correctly and at times use the wrongs words. But… you know what?!?!? I’m ok with that.  www.dicionary.com has become my best friend :0)

So my hopes for this blog are as follows:

1. Learn something new everyday and share.

2. Keep the whole fitness portion of this blog UPDATED. I’m currently on a quest to improve, reform and develop a new me. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.

3. Keep the positive upbeat energy I so much desire to be around.

4. Learn new things from those who read. (If any do!)

5. Have fun and be inspired!

I hope you will join the adventure with me as to where this blog will go!